November 26, 2019

Panel Discussion at Nights 2019 Conference

Join us for LIGHT+CITY PANEL at NIGHTS 2019 - NIGHTTIME CONFERENCE Berlin this Thursday 28th Nov, 4pm! Looking forward to host the discussion with Helga Kuechly, Dr. Patrick Tobias Fischer and Reclaim Club Culture on how political lighting is: NEGOTIATING CITY LIGHTING - FROM STREET LIGHTS TO URBAN INTERFACES

October 31, 2019

Appearance in Documentary on Light

Check out this great documentary about light and night time! Follow us doing a mock-up at Remy de la Fosse Temple, Hannover. It's not in cinemas anymore, but today it will be on TV across Germany: 31st Oct, 20:15, NDR. Enjoy some stunning pictures of light/cities/nature!

October 14, 2019

Natural Sparkle

I just love these subtle yet spectacular reflections! It's a tree canopy beside a pond in Berlin's embassy district.

May 30, 2019

Lecture "Visualizing and Communicating Lighting Design"

Lecture on "Visualizing and Communicating Lighting Design" at HAW University Hamburg. Monday, 3rd June, 13:00 at HAW Kunst- und Mediencampus. Direct message me if you'd like to join. Looking forward to share my thoughts and exchange with the students!

May 7, 2019

Talk at The Logics of Colour - 12th Dresden Colour Forum

Looking forward to give a talk on the "right dose of sparkle" this Friday at The Logics of Colour - 12th Dresden Colour Forum. Come around if you're in the area!

Excited to meet with the great colour theorist Harald K├╝ppers when he hands over his collection to the museum.