October 28, 1981

Short Bio Johann Gielen

Johann Gielen is a lighting designer and artist. He received his Dipl.-Ing. from HafenCity Universit├Ąt Hamburg in Urban Planning specialising in natural light art for public spaces. He studied Architectural Lighting Design at KTH Stockholm and Applied Lighting Technology at TU Ilmenau.
Gielen currently heads the lighting design of Sharp LED Lighting Europe and has previously worked for internationally renowned lighting designers and landscape architects.
Besides well-crafted lighting design his interests lie in subtle lighting effects. All technological means capable of transforming the visual appearance of an object are appealing to him. This interest lead him to become a theorist in the field of Media Architecture writing about ways to create visual media without artificial light sources.
In interdisciplinary collaborations Gielen explores the role and functions of future digital devices in urban environments. He is searching for unusual ways of expression that emphasise the importance of truly public spaces for open societies.
His project Pixel Sonne gained recognition for its unique approach celebrating natural light and its ephemerality. Sunlight is slightly tamed by digital means yet always sustains its irrepressible nature. It has been shown at conferences like Media Architecture Biennale and the International Symposium on Pervasive Displays.